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Alex Directors Deliberations

Alex Reynolds, Director of Hosanna Farmstay loves reflecting and writing! The coming weeks we will post a few of her thoughts as she ponders on the state of society, her farmstay and where it’s all heading….

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14 years ago I started working on what I hoped would be a haven of refreshment for busy and possibly stressed city people; Hosanna Farmstay! It was a slow start and I wondered whether people were going to like it here. The atmosphere was always personal and relational. Hosanna was something of an insider’s secret tip.
These summer holidays we were full. And I noticed that with fullness come other problems. The managerial problems are solvable, but if the atmosphere becomes mainstream and everyone is out for himself, then Hosanna could lose its core and its purpose – and its appeal.
I had wanted a place where nature was the feature – just made more easily accessible. Where the sounds of nature are in your ears, not amplified music. Where the stillness of the night envelops you and gives you rest, not loud party noises past midnight.
For that purpose I want to let our guests know that we will safeguard that relationship with nature. I wanted a sort of old fashioned place of freedom of movement and of action and interaction, but it requires an old fashioned sense of care for the freedom of others.
This is what we hope to encourage by “Hosanna’s 10 Commandments” (with link to sub webpage). They are really just common sense considerations for the common good.

Alex Reynolds

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