Great activities, a swimming dam with diving board and kayaks, and the yummiest food ever, make a Hosanna a great school camp venue! Katapult, Amazing Race and Dreamtime Productions are fully facilitated activities that challenge the students in a variety of ways and tick off those boxes in your curriculum!

Creek huts at Hosanna Farmstay


School camps can enjoy a great camping experience with DIY gear or Hosanna tents, but A-frame huts, and cabins are also available.



Katapult, Amazing Race and Dreamtime Productions are awesome activities. Nothing students have ever seen before. These activities challenge the students in various ways and have different aims. Our activity facilitators will liaise with you to make sure we tailor each activity to your preferred goals.



Having animals available to interact with sets the stage for the camp! It creates a new dynamic in the group and hand milking a cow pushes the limits of comfort sometimes! The Hall is great for meetings, movie nights, stage performances and the last night party! A volleyball court is often used for DIY activities. And last but certainly not least, the dam with diving board is a great way to let a group of students have fun!

Catering breakfast


School camps are hard enough without having to worry about the kids not enjoying the food. We know what your students love to see on their plates! We pride ourselves on being flexible to tie in with your itinerary.

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