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What you can do at home

Whether you live on a normal suburban block - or something a little bit bigger - or even an apartment... There's always something you can do to be more connected and involved in your food production and choices. Here's some of our tips!


You live in a house on some land



Setup a worm farm


Get some chickens


Grown you own chemical free food at home



Options for apartments with balconies

Grow food in pots

Small scale composting


Small scale worm farming

Download the ShareWaste App

Grow your own micro greens

The cost of discretionary spending = more work and less time for most

Try reducing your household waste...This Tasmanian family shows what is possible.

Moving towards simpler freer living - Melbourne

By inspired by ground roots initiatives such as the Food is free project - Ballarat


Join your community garden

Brisbane City Council community gardening guide

Find your local community garden - Brisbane

Find your local community garden - Gold Coast


Download Spout and swap, buy or sell local backyard produce in your neighborhood

Spout the app for iphone


Book a cabin