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Diving deeper

To save you time, we have put together to best clips from the best players in this space that we have come across. These are the guys we follow and the content and books we have absorbed. We hope that you find the journey as interesting as we do and that you cultivate the desire to play your critical role in this urgently needed and very rewarding cause.

Recommended Youtube Channels for those that want to learn more on regenerative farming. We have provided their most viewed video as a taster.


FarmBuilder is a how to channel for taking pasture based livestock systems to a scale supporting full time incomes. Shot on location at J & L Green Farm LLC in Virginia featuring Jordan & Laura Green. You can find their farm on Facebook or on their website.


Justin Rhodes 

- If you want to grow more of your own food, but you need some support. This guy is the farming Uncle you never had, and will guide you along the way. He checks out all the regenerative gardening projects you can do on a homestead level. Also check out his website.


Diego Footer

Dad. Business Owner. Farm Journalist. This guy is all about growing plants, visiting farms, and talking about being a dad - all because he enjoys it.


Charles Dowding

Discover and enjoy these quicker and easier ways of growing and harvesting vegetables, based on my 36 years of growing experience. My specialty is the no dig method, suitable for all soils.


Huw Richards

For the past 15 years, I have been growing food in my family's vegetable garden following organic and sustainable principles. I am now on a mission to help as many people as possible to grow their own food inexpensively. 


John Suscovich

-  Providing business and marketing information for family farmers. Through informative articles, instructional videos, and the Growing Farms Podcast we encourage others to start farming and help current farmers increase their revenue. Website.


Richard Perkins

Facilitating the next generation of entrepreneurial young farmers, he explores in detail the economics of Farm Scale Permaculture Design, Regenerative Agriculture, Keyline Design, Agroforestry, No-Dig Market Gardening, Pastured Livestock Enterprises, On-farm Slaughter facilities and Holistic Management. Website.


Self Sufficient Me

learn organic gardening, realistic self-sufficient living, keeping quail, chickens, and lots more! No fuss, low budget solutions to house hold farming from your average Aussie bloke. All the shortcuts, hacks no BS content from someone who just wants to be self sufficient in something. 


More on the Regenerative Movement

Allen Savory

Understanding the critical role of animals in creating and maintaining soil health. 

Allen Savory TED talk 2013 

Follow up interview, 2014 with Allen Savory


Stepahne Le Foll

Stephane Le Foll - 4 per 1000 initiative - United nations COP22


Joel Salatin and Polyfaces farm

Extended trailer for Polyfaces Documentary

ABC Landline interview with Joel Salatin

2011 Joel Salatin talk to Google


David Marsh


Chalres Massey


Gabe Brown 


Happen Films

Regenerative farming - New Zealand






The biggest little farm Trailer


Living the Change


Living Soil Film


Unbroken ground



For more great content about regenerative farming

Happen Films - Australian - Free short films which showcase inspiring solutions to the multiple crises of today 

Kiss the Ground - American NGO - inspiring participation in soil regeneration

Project Drawndown - The worlds leading resource for climate solutions

Regeneration International - International body trying to shift the world towards regenerative agriculture.


Australian industry organisations and bodies for training, consultation and networking

Soils for life - NGO supporting widest possible adaptation of regenerative farming

Regen AG - Based in far north QLD

Southern Blue Regenerative - Based in New England NSW

RCS - Based outside Rockhampton QLD

Regenerative Australia Farmer- Soil carbon testing and credits organisation

Soil Land Food - Offering workshop and courses

Healthy Soils - Promotion of regenerative awareness to farmers and policy makers

Regrarians - Consultation and farm design including architectural modeling, workshops, training



The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Polan

Kiss the Ground by Josh Tickell

Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown

Folks This Ain’t Normal by Joel Salatin

Grown and Gathered by Matt & Lentil


To find your local regenerative farm click here

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