Reflections on Hosanna

Alex Directors Deliberations

These summer farm holidays nsw we were inundated in waste. To get on top of it, we sorted through everything to separate the recycle material out of it. The sight of so much rubbish going to waste is not only ugly but a sad consequence of our carelessness. A good half of the waste we produce is not rubbish, but a resource.

All food becomes a buffet for the chickens and organic material for the worm farm and the compost heaps – very valuable, if we spend a few seconds putting it into the right place.

The Tweed Shire recycles – all those glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans are the raw material for the next lot – again it only requires a few seconds to put them into the yellow bin.

More fundamental maybe than the investment of a few minutes is the inner attitude of care towards the environment. Nature will be most enjoyed, when it is also respected and understood in its beauty, its complexity and its vulnerability. Again, our freedom needs to be modified by care.

Therefore we have included guidelines for waste management in our “10 Commandments” .

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