Stefanie & Wayne from Italy

Stefanie & Wayne from Italy #Hosanna #Farmstay is our last stop after 6 months of travelling around Australia. We started our travel flying from #Gold Coast to #Sydney and then to #Melbourne. We really loved both cities. Then we flew to #Hobart and on our return hired a #campervan to drive to #Perth. It has been the first time for … Read More

Volunteers Voice

Hi, We are Nida and Luisa from #Germany. We finished school last year and came to Australia to explore another country. At the beginning of July 6 we spent time at #Hosanna #Farmstay, a beautiful property to enjoy the #nature. In the first week, we were a lot of #WOOFERS from different countries, so we learned much about #cultures while … Read More

Looking For Helpers

#Farmstay Dorm style accommodation and food offered for honest and reliable helpers looking for peaceful surroundings. Hosanna #Farmstay is a small-scale farm and #tourist #venue, offering #camping and #accommodation. We need help with caring for the animals, milking the cows, working the vegetable garden and miscellaneous tasks around the place including housekeeping. Sometimes we need all hands on deck with … Read More

Meet Hosanna’s new editions

In farm camping while cleaning up the Rabbit pen we stumbled upon on nest of….. baby rabbits! Quickly we rescued them and after cleaning up we put them back in their warm corner with mummy’s fluff and straw. What do you think? Aren’t they the cutest things you have ever seen? it is our best farm stays.  

Mr Nice

Mr. Nice Hosanna Farmstay’s Latest acquisition is Mr Nice!!! Mr Nice is young, but will help keep or female goats, #Sugar & Spice,company. Mr Nice is only 5 weeks old; he loves the best farm stays as well as all the attention that children at Hosanna have been giving him.

Fun in the Dam

These summer farm holidays qld were mostly hot and sunny – and there was a horde of children and their parents converging on the dam. Children on the diving board extending their courage and their skills, children on kayaks, children in inner tubes and lots of happy noises. But in the jetty, next to the jetty, on the pontoon and in … Read More

Reflections on Hosanna

These summer farm holidays nsw we were inundated in waste. To get on top of it, we sorted through everything to separate the recycle material out of it. The sight of so much rubbish going to waste is not only ugly but a sad consequence of our carelessness. A good half of the waste we produce is not rubbish, but a … Read More