Hosanna’s 10 Commandments

At Hosanna we need to constantly safeguard our vision, which is to provide a place of healthy and wholesome recreation, that promotes relationship within families, towards other people, with animals, nature, yourself and ultimately with God. To do this we have formulated “Hosanna’s 10 Commandments”. These “Commandments” are, like their Biblical counterpart, common sense. If we abide by them, we can all enjoy a natural, wholesome and fun stay.

  1. YOUR STAY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The freedom that we offer is only possible with a responsible attitude, common sense and consideration of others.
  2. YOUR SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED WITH ALL ANIMALS. We want to keep both your children and our animals safe.
  3. CHILDREN ARE NOT TO ENTER THE RABBIT CAGE unless their adult is inside the cage carefully supervising.
  4. SWIMMING AND ALCOHOL DO NOT MIX. The dam area is alcohol free. Parental supervision is essential for safety. Read the rules in the jetty.
  5. KAYAKS ARE NOT BE FLIPPED AND SUNK – we want everyone to enjoy them not destroy them.
  6. SEPARATE YOUR RUBBISH – We provide an easy system for you to follow.
  7. THERE IS A NOISE CURFEW AT 9PM NSW TIME – We want to safeguard the sleep of our guests, especially the children.
  8. WE DO NOT ALLOW AMPLIFIED MUSIC – the sounds of nature are an integral part of the enjoyment of nature.
  9. DOGS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO ROAM. Sober vigilance is needed at all times. “Territorial” dogs must be kept on a leash whilst at your site.
  10. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE ABOVE, you may be banned from certain localities and activities, and in extreme cases be asked to vacate the property

The keeping of these rules will ensure a safe and happy stay for ALL guests.