Yes! Cabins have beds made up. Huts have made up mattresses on the floor. We provide a bath towel and soap. We ask you to bring your own swimming towel.

Yes! We have enough water. Drinking water is by default treated dam-water (Regularly council tested). Next to the campground amenities block is also a rainwater tank.

Reception sells bread, milk, eggs and ice. The shop also sells lollies, ice cream, coffee pods for our DIY machine, softdrinks, bottled water, washing powder, ping pong balls, firewood, marshmallows and sauna packs and torches as well as some basic sanitary items.

Bring enough clothes, your own food and a smile! Gumboots are a good idea. Kids will be running around getting dirty after a day of playing on the farm. Remember to bring your own towel for drying of after swimming.

We provide a fully furnished kitchen with all utensils, microwave, oven and BBQ etc. We also provide all crockery items and cuttlery and even a collection of herbs and spices. A little space in our communal cold room is included for cabin and hut guests. Campers do not have access to the Hosanna House Kitchen and Dining area.

Hosanna Farmstay ONLY refunds or transfers a booking when Hosanna is flooded. As you can understand we do not refund a booking because of rain. See our cancellation policy.

Yes you can bring a dog. However you need to mention this at the time of booking and sign our dog-rules form when checking in. Dogs are not allowed in the accommodation and must not be a problem to other guests, Hosanna’s animals, or other dogs. Please clean up any droppings if on a public thouroughfare!

Hosanna Farmstay allows you to make a campfire in designated areas. On the site map you will find specific communal fireplace areas. Alternatively you can use a ‘hob’. ‘Hobs’ are 44 gallon drums converted into a fireplace with a grill and a lid! You can find your portable fireplace in ‘hob-stations’ spread around the property. Firewood is for sale at Reception for $20 a big bag. You’re welcome to bring your own or forage on the forest floor.

Yes we provide a washing and drying machine and 2 clothes lines. Washing powder is available at Reception.

Campers at Hosanna have access to all facilities except for the Hosanna House building. These facilities include the dam, diving board and kayaks, the BBQ and the dam side BBQ hut (seating for 30). Hobs are are also available to take to your site for an open fire or cooking.There is laundry access and a washing line. There is rainwater and treated dam water available at the campground amenities block. These are available to campers in both the main campground and the ridge campground. For campers in the main campground there is a washing up sink with hot and cold water at the front of the amenities block. For campers in our ridge camp there is a separate amenities block, but at this point in time no washing up sink. People camping on the ridge need to have a 4WD when towing a trailer or caravan. We are what is termed as a ‘primitive campground’ which means we have a large grassed area set up for camping. We do not have waste outlets, concrete slabs or a camp kitchen. Campers, caravans and trailers are welcome subject to these conditions.