Fun in the Dam

Alex Directors DeliberationsThese summer farm holidays qld were mostly hot and sunny – and there was a horde of children and their parents converging on the dam. Children on the diving board extending their courage and their skills, children on kayaks, children in inner tubes and lots of happy noises.

But in the jetty, next to the jetty, on the pontoon and in the BBQ hut were many of their parents – drinking beer in glass bottles, taking less notice of their children and none of the other guests. There is a good reason why alcohol and swimming don’t mix. Everybody’s safety is compromised and what should be a fun family activity becomes dangerous first for the children and then for the Hosanna equipment (mainly the kayaks) that get tipped over, jumped on, cracked and sunk. Freedom and Fun both come to a sudden end with injury and vandalism. Your attentiveness is the prerequisite for the freedom your children can enjoy at Hosanna.

Check our “Hosanna’s 10 Commandments” to see what we expect from our guests that are using the dam.

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