Change of Team members – the beginning of a new era.

First there was just me, and my husband Ivor, selecting the land, building the first part of the #Hosanna House – then called the tin house – and pottering around. Then our son Manuel joined and went into a flurry of vision and building and sketched out what Hosanna would become. Then he went, and my old friend Jennie came, and the two of us managed to run the place with a trickle of guests, hold our noses above water, and make a little headway. I am sure you all know our king pin Jennie, predominantly in the reception, around whom the whole of #Hosanna revolves.

Then we prayed for a young family to come and low and behold, #God provided – he brought Jan with Annemieke and 3 children. Jan didn’t know much about #Australian #country life when he started, but his intelligence, enthusiasm and energy drove the place forward in his 5 years and quadrupled our occupancy. I am sure all of you remember a tall slim Dutchman, a #Tintin look-alike, with a loud voice and a smiley face and overflowing enthusiasm and never short of a comment – sometimes tactful, sometimes not . Well, on 1 June he left with his 4 Aussie children, much more experience, a great love for #Australia – and permanent residency. God has called him to more ministry and we cannot argue with Him. I admit to missing him – but I wish him and his family the adventure that God has set before them.

Jan’s job has been filled by Glenn, also an old friend from the #local area, who is looking after the grounds full time. He is very thorough and loves the place to look neat. Maybe some of you have noticed that it does indeed look very #clean and neat. For someone who had very little experience with #animals, he already knows all their quirks and just how to handle each one of them. Relationship is his strength – along with the whipper snipper!

Our other new team member is a new friend from far away #South #Africa but also from just around the corner in #Stokers #Siding, Lauren, who brings a new thing to Hosanna – the knowledge and skills of the corporate world. Everything is now documented, followed up, systems tightened, contacts made, insurances claimed – to make sure we are streamlined – so many things are getting attended to that used to fall through the cracks.

We look forward to what will unfold in this new era of Hosanna, trusting God that he has equipped us so that we can better realize the purpose Hosanna was set up for – to facilitate the relationship of people with nature, with each other, with themselves and ultimately with God.

The Lord is my shepherd, he leads me beside still waters, he makes me lie down in green pastures,

He guides me in paths of righteousness, he restores my soul Psalm 23


Outgoing Team



jennie in farmjanalex in farm


Incoming Team

Four Members

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