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Our mission

Hosanna’s mission is to provide a natural and wholesome place for relationships – of people with each other, with animals, with nature, with themselves – and ultimately with God. Hosanna welcomes individuals, families, church-groups, schools, churches, and other organisations and functions at our venue and we hope that you will find refreshment, stronger relationships and growth as a result of spending time here. Hosanna Farmstay was acquired and developed by us with a desire to establish a venue based on a Christian worldview and lifestyle.

At the heart of Hosanna is a large household that lives according to this desire and this has defined the atmosphere at Hosanna. We are aligned with and supported by the larger Christian Community of the Tweed Valley and we are members of Christian Venues Association. Therefore we ask you to agree that you will not teach, practice, encourage or support behaviour or lifestyle which is inconsistent with Christian principles as set out in Hosanna Farmstay’s constitution (available upon request).

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Meet the Team


Alex Reynolds with chickens,
loves doing Farm Tours and having a chat.

Alex Reynolds

Founder / Director of Hosanna

Jennie Paratt

Jennie loves to cook up a storm

Jennie Parratt

Administrator / Catering

regan perry

The kids, Noah, Aaliyah and JJ help out where they can.

Regan Perry & Family

Regan / Site Manager & Kirsty / Marketing


Manuel loves Dreamtime Productions, Amazing Race and Katapult.

Manuel Reynolds

Business Development Manager


Kim Rushton

Reception / Cleaning

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