5 reasons why are our Huts so popular…

At Hosanna we offer Camping nsw and Cabins. But for those who want something cheaper that cabins, but don’t want to camp… Here is your solution: Huts. (to book)

1 Hassle free, no need to bring your linen and no need to bring any cooking stuff. On top of that you’re weather proof. This means less time setting up and packing all your gear and more time to enjoy the animals, dam or prepare your campfire!

2 Fun. Kids love the hut and it gives them this authentic feel of adventure. It’s like camping but not with all your gear.

Creek huts with creek frontage
Huts by the creek

3 Facilities that are included are the Outdoor Kitchen, Dining area and lounge as well as the games room and a space in the Cold room.

4 Price: Instead of paying $ 14 per adult per night, the hut works out to be $ 24.50 per person per night. Where can you find accommodation for under $ 100 per night  for a family of  4? (All the facilities, farm animals and swimming dam and kayaks included?)

5 Hosanna built 8 huts. 4 on the Ridge and 4 beside the creek. They are great to book a getaway with friends. Book all 4 in a row! Mattresses are made up on the floor, there is a little storage space, a light and a power point. Simple and fun!

Huts are great to book with friends or a small group
Book all 4 creek huts with friends!
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